Bastille DaySaturday 14th July 2012 

Bastille Day is the name given in English-speaking countries to the French National Day, which is celebrated on the 14th of July each year; the anniversary of the storming of the Bastille fortress-prison which was seen as a symbol of the uprising of the modern nation. In France, it is formally called La Fête Nationale (The National Celebration) and commonly le quatorze juillet (the fourteenth of July).

We will be celebrating this day with a delicious French themed evening menu which will incorporate some mouth watering dishes such as Daube de Boeuf aux Cèpes et à l’Orange (Beef Stew with wild mushrooms and orange), Escargots (Snails) and Tarte Tatin (Caramelised Upside Down French Apple Pie), all expertly put together by our talented culinary team and Head Chef Steve Chase.

You can view and download our full Menu for the evening below

Bastille Day Menu.pdf Bastille Day Menu.pdf
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As always advance booking is strongly recommended, if you are visiting to sample something specific from our menu then we would recommend you call ahead to ensure availability. If you have special dietary requirements, such as an allergy or restricted foods, then please let us know.